Call By Call Profit X

Introducing Free2Grow's Call-by-Call Profit X

By combining effective client interactions with transparent pricing, Call-by-Call Profit empowers businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, streamline processes, and drive increased revenue.


Pre & Mid-Call Opportunity Monitoring

Designed to equip sales professionals with the skills and knowledge to maximize sales opportunities throughout the customer interaction process. This training program covers various key modules, providing valuable insights and strategies to identify, address, and close opportunities effectively.

  • Using Zillow To Anticipate Issues
  • Team Info Security
  • Setting Up a Presentation
  • Setting Expectations
  • On-Code Problems
  • On-Code Solutions
  • Bringing Opportunity To a Conclusion

Video Tech Lead Turnovers

Designed to empower technicians with the skills and strategies to seamlessly transfer leads to sales professionals while maintaining a positive customer experience. This training program covers various key modules, providing valuable insights and techniques to ensure smooth transitions and maximize sales opportunities..

  • Pure Motives In Action
  • Repair Vs Renovation
  • Good News Bad News
  • Giving Clients Repair & Replace Choices
  • Confirm the Voluntary Magic Words
  • Introducing Your Quality Control Leader
  • Transfer Your Magic Moments
  • Building Credibility
  • Right People Right Time & Sending Zoom Links
  • Doing a Pro Handoff


Michael Bears

Call-by-Call Sales Manager


  • Owned and operated 2 HVAC and Plumbing Businesses
  • $5M Producer
  • Successfully excited HVAC business in 2019
  • Licensed Master Plumber

Free2Grow exists to help the small business owners, owner/operators and other service based companies grow through handling back office tasks that frees up the business to focus on service fulfillment.

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