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Our mission is a 24/7 AI voice solutions tailored for your home service business. We ensure you never miss a sales call again. Seamlessly and inexpensively capture new calls, create job orders & field customer service questions.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Charlie Felker

CEO & Business Development

Co-founded Free2Grow in 2019. Prior to Free2Grow owned/operated a multi-state Home Service business. Sold Home Service business in 2019. Served in US Army from 2006-2011 (82nd Airborne Division, 3rd Ranger Battalion).

Nathan Keller

Chief Sales Officer

Co-founded Free2Grow in 2019. Worked as a sales leader for many technology companies that saw successful exits.

Jerry Ye

Chief Technology Officer

Dropped out of UPENN at 18 years old to begin career in AI product development. Former software engineer at Bloomberg LP and machine learning engineer at Morgan Stanley.

Ben Brimacombe

Chief Science Officer

In 2020 formed PointZero, an AI research company for code generation. With PointZero, Ben worked with leading AI researchers around the world. Had AI research published in EMNLP in 2023. Worked on quantitative trading with Numerai. Led AI mortgage underwriting at Long Run Partners.

Free2Grow exists to help the small business owners, owner/operators and other service based companies grow through handling back office tasks that frees up the business to focus on service fulfillment.

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