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Live Call Management

Our talented and dedicated Growth Partners answer all inbound calls from customers, prospects and any field staff. We work with our clients to develop and execute a refined call script. Our live person call management fully integrates with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to provide immediate support for client’s business.

Lead Capture & Quoting

We leverage our experience to help position our clients for quick wins among their ideal customers. All of Free2Grow’s services allow our clients to get out to the field to win business.

Estimating Scheduling & Crew Dispatching

Estimate scheduling and crew dispatching are very important tasks for busy and growing companies. We address these tasks head on with a full-time Growth Partner who works with our clients to dispatch staff and crews in the most efficient and profitable way possible. Our Growth Partner will utilize your CRM system to keep calendars current and accessible.

CRM Management

Another critical task that Free2Grow handles for our clients is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The effective management of technology helps our clients communicate with customers, monitor projects, schedule staff, invoice, track expenses and constantly monitor key business metrics. During our onboarding process, we spend time with our clients to determine exactly what management tools will help get their business to the next level.

How We Add Value (Average Client Stats)

83% Increase in Yearly Revenue

We Turn Leads Into Sales

$25,000/Year in Admin Savings

Saving your bottom line on administration costs

100% Increase In Google Reviews

Reputation Management Services

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